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Thread: Disco name to go

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    Disco name to go

    Click the link.

    For now this is only for USA member's but maybe it is a sign of things to come
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    Don't like that one :?

    Not surprising though, they are probably trying to shake some of the monikers associated with the discovery and LR in general.
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    I agree with Phoenix....

    Sorry to say not a fan either!

    But i have been know to be a picky creature!


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    8) arn't the yanks a bunch of poofters,if they dont understand something then we have to spell it to them in yankspeak, if it doesnt suit them they go sorta french.
    bloody suv's, 4 wheel drive, 4wd,
    its a british motor,
    a land rover
    a land rover discovery
    watsamatta, disco not an in word so we gotta call it a bloody hip hop or sumpthing
    years ago we went to the u.s. and one of our party wanted a vermouth and dry, another wanted a gin and tonic,
    we couldn't get the waitress to understand our order until we hit on yankspeak
    vermoooth and dry
    its not cricket you know!
    8) harry
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    its reads to me it LR thats changing the name,
    it may be that the usa is not in tune with the discovery,
    but you would think LR would show a bit of spine.
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    All the talk on suggests that those dyed in the wool US LR supporters are equally peterbed by the rumours. Some even suggesting that Land Rover values ended with the demise of the Series 1 Disco.

    I once ate with some yankers in a restaurant in Italy who couldn't stomach the chicken because it was served whole and not southern fried and the fish because it was served with the head on. They went hungry because thats was all that was on the menu. I was more disturbed by the cigarette butt in my green salad!

    Is this the Ford Syndrome? Provided in any colour you like providing you order black (and doesn't mention the word "Discovery").
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