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Thread: Members with Diagnostic Equipment map (updated 1/2015)

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    Sydney, Australia
    I should have looked at this thread a while back...

    Seven Hills NSW 2147

    All dealer-level equipment

    T4 Mobile+ which covers any OBD2 Land Rover up to 2006/2007
    SDD which covers all Land Rovers after that until ~2017
    Pathfinder DOIP for the latest models from 2017

    Also have a heap of other diagnostic equipment as well...

    Full CCF editing, all diagnostic procedures, etc...
    Freelander 2 HSE 3.2L - BUILD THREAD
    Jaguar XKR Portfolio 4.2L S/C - Jaguar XJR 4.2L S/C

    Old Jaguar Australia -
    Upgrades and retrofits for late model Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles.

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    Now the owner of a GAPIID BT in Melbourne 3088.
    MY08 TDV6 SE D3- permagrin ooh yeah !
    98 TDI AUTO SE DISCO - gone and will be missed.
    2003 Dingo offroad camper trailer
    1998 Triumph Daytona T595
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    1958 Holden FC special sedan

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    My T4 has been updated with the DTC0065A Red adaptor so I can now do up to the 2002-2004/5 L322 Rangie.

    If I can get the software, I could also do the Rover 75/MG ZT.
    Ron B.

    2004 L322 Range Rover Vogue 4.4 V8 Auto
    2007 Yamaha XJR1300
    Previous: 1983, 1986 RRC; 1995, 1996 P38A; 1995 Disco1; 1984 V8 County 110; Series IIA

    RIP Bucko - Riding on Forever

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    Nanocom Evo

    Have just purchased a second hand Nanocom Evo. Unlocked for my new TD5 D2a.
    Located Townsville 4810.

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    If anyone wants to take over the map linked in the first post they are more than welcome to do so.
    I haven't updated since 2013/14 so it is very out of date.

    It is quite simple - the information on members can be downloaded as a KMZ file by clicking on the Download KML link and then leaving the to checkboxes unticked.

    Then create a new map on the google account you want to use and import the KMZ file.

    There is some additional information in the map description:

    Green - Multi Vehicle support (check notes)Yellow - RRC/P38a/L322
    Red - Discovery 2 Td5/V8
    Blue - Defender

    Note 1: A Nanocom unlocked for either Disco 2 Td5 or V8 can all non-engine ECUs on any Disco 2.

    Note 2: A Nanocom unlocked for a Td5 Defender can access the Engine ECU on a Td5 Disco.

    Note 3: A Hawkeye unlocked for Discovery 2 can access both V8 and Td5 ECU's.

    Members who have responded to a PM asking for confirmation have "confirmed x/2013" at the end of their entry.

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    Hi Legends,
    Anyone with a nanocom for a td5 deefer in Melbournes north (I'm in Essendon) feel like earning some beers?
    I've got an aircon issue that I believe is the result of an ecu fault and wanted to try clearing it.


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