I was looking at the Nanocom One engine .fu1 data file format over the weekend, and made an interesting discovery.
The data saved into the .fu1 file contains the complete data returned by the diagnostic requests made by the Nanocom while requesting fuelling information.
The Nanocom (One and Evo) only display a subset of what is returned by the ECU.

The "hidden" data that is available in the .fu1 logs consists of:
- sensor voltages for ECT, FT, IAT, AAT, MAF.
- uncorrected readings for MAP, AAP, and Battery Voltage
- AAT reading on EU3 motors
- throttle %

There is a minor issue with the Nanocom One (possibly the Evo too?) in that the uncorrected AAP is returned instead of the corrected AAP value which is used internally for boost calculations. The error introduced is fairly small - it's basically the % difference between the TPS Supply mV and 5000mV, which can be in the range of +/- 0.8% based on a quick check of my log "collection".

Anyway I've thrown together a basic script in Python to convert the .fu1 format to a .csv file.
Temperatures have been converted from K to Celsius, and decimal points are shifted to give familiar values.
The column order is same as the order the data appears in the .fu1 file, rather than the Nanocom .csv files.
I've also inserted a "time" column based on row number (one row = one "t").

I've tested the script with the default version of Python 2.7 installed on macOS 10.12.
It doesn't use any add on libraries so should work on any python 2.7 install.

http://www.discotd5.com/data-logging/na ... -converter