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    HawkEye Total

    Just purchased one of these for the TD5 Defender (2000). Unsure if it was a great investment though. No instructions, no manual, nothing, and more $$$ if I want the Fault Code book! Anyway, I googled as much as I could, searched AULRO here and in the end just hooked it up and muddled around. It showed a few faults about the EGR (EGR system has been removed) and something with air conditioning, so worked out how to clear them all and they haven't come back, except for the MAF. It came back as LOW airflow 0.03volts. So guessing it's stuffed. Not that the car's running badly, in fact it goes like a scalded cat if I want it to. But maybe a working MAF will help with fuel economy and may smooth the engine out a bit more? Be good to know what else the HawkEye can do though, I might be missing something?

    The one good thing with it is that I can read it while I'm driving, so I can see RPM etc. When I went for a run down the highway with the unit showing rpm, that was a surprise. I was thinking the car was screaming it's head off at 110k/h but it's only doing about 2400rpm. Anyway, I guess it could come in handy. Interesting that there doesn't seem too much on the Defender that needs monitoring. I had a look at the systems that it can check for RR, later Defenders and Disco's and bloody hell, I'm surprised that any car lasts more than 6 months. Think I'll stick with the old girl.

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    I have the previous Hawkeye and you needed to download the operation manual from the bearmach website. Not sure if the total is the same.

    there seems to be better options like nanocom and iidtool but from what I have seen it's better than nothing .

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