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Thread: Curious re-occurrence of 3 Amigos Fault codes after clearing with NANOCOM

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    Thanks, bsperka.

    I also began by trying to understand, find and fix the root cause/s.

    On some advice from Sierrafery, I started by disconnecting earth points if front of the air-filter box, wire brushed everything and put back together. All was already clean and tight.
    Then, I also paid attention to the Yellow-Green wire that enters a terminal block attached to the ABS modulator, but everything seemed firm and clean there, too.

    So then I bought a Nanocom, hoping that it might pinpoint the cause.
    Seems that was perhaps a bit ambitious, but it is good for other things.

    By then, I realized that to follow up on or fix / replace every suggested possible cause might take a long time and cost a lot.


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    After completing the option B, return of the Amigos seem to mean my battery is low. Quick charge and all is good again. My D2 can spend some long periods in the shed. When used regularly I have no issues.
    I thought this info may be useful to some.
    2002 D2 V8 Auto SLS+2" ACE CDL Truetrac(F) Detroit(R) Nanocom

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