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Thread: A post that all late LR owners need to read

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    Hi all

    Colin and the crew have done a nice job on the entire unit, from hardware to software and instructions. Mine is now installed and working fine with its master password. I have even been privileged to have made the first post on your forum.

    Installation was pretty fine. I updated the app today at work and tonight it paired fine with the unit. When it came to registration the only minor stumble was entering the Serial ID. Mine's listed as VC-00xx on the included CHECKLIST paper. But the registration page wanted a format like VC-xxxxx with 5 digits after the hyphen and was giving an error that the number was already taken. I guessed that I just needed to add an extra 0 at the start and entered VC-000xx and that was then accepted.

    I will have a nice time tomorrow evening heading up to our far, Jill will be driving and I can back seat drive telling her the real-time values of accelerator position, oil temperature, EGR settings, manifold pressure etc. "Darling, your at 23.5% accelerator and 50C oil temp, we can go much faster, they are all within spec." :-)

    Nice product. The box will get re-used as a jewellery box.

    Best Regards
    Fuji White MY13 D4 SDV6 SE 3.0 Litre, 8 spd auto.

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    Hiyas Mike.
    Many thanks from me and my staff for your very kind and positive comments

    We are so very glad to read this from one of the very first to enjoy the huge effort we have put into all aspects of this system, right down to the Box the VCIQ is shipped in.

    I certainly hope that many more will discover just what an advanced and next generation system this truly is.

    I was quite upset to read of your 4 versus 5 digit serial number registration difficulty. This is because although our on line system uses 5, The VCIQ itself shows only 4, to increase the size / readability. This has now been sorted, despite me being told it had already been done, grrr, but the system does now accept 4 or 5.

    By way of a little compensation, I would tell you about one undocumented and quite cool feature among the many the ROVCAM-IQ app has.
    In the instrument mode, as well as being able to remove unwanted items we have also provided the ability to re organise / customise the locations of both the dials and bar gauge items using Drag and Drop.

    Here is a little video showing this:

    Also be sure to check out the CSV file recording feature, which allows Playback of journeys with our seperate CSV viewer software, which is also used by the Nanocom (sadly only for PC at present)
    However this is also very powerful as you can see from this Demonstration Video

    ATB and please feel free to post up any comments as you get used to the system and its many advanced features

    MD of Blackbox Solutions Ltd.

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