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Thread: A post that all late LR owners need to read

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    Hiya Gavin

    Thanks for your comments, questions, appreciation and above all, interest and support. It is equally appreciated
    I guess I am just so super proud of this system, and have put so much time and effort etc into it, that I always feel the need to add some soap box comment, My Bad
    I am also quite obviously surprised as to such focus on what we regard as a side benefit

    I have sent you some pictures of the Nanocoms Instrument mode etc to assist in saving your eyesight and comparison efforts.

    Obviously The Nanocom screens are numerical only, fixed by 6 per page which is also inherently limited in a few ways.

    With all Parameters available on Bar Gauges, and an additional Dials option for at least six, along with Custom ordering and hiding abilities, the ROVACOM-IQ is already rather more flexible.

    Emulation wise, I tried Andy and it works but fine and is simple, But I found Nox gave me flexibility in respect of custom screen resolutions that were important to me.

    Hiya DiscoClax

    Without re iterating my past comments on the Instrument mode inclusion being a side to our main direction.

    It's all really a question of priorities.
    For sure some of your thoughts and ideas are already on our to Do / wish list, and even more like a reverse image to create something that could be used like a HUD, but there are a lot of things that have higher priorities and our Primary aim is of course dedicated to providing full capability diagnostic equipment specifically for all ECU's on a wide range of Land Rover vehicles, Ie Flashing all ECU's, CCF editing, service functions, Inputs and outputs etc etc etc.
    Just now we are working on advanced CCF save and resore features that will rescue anyone who might make a change that immobilises their vehicle without having made a CCF back up.

    All of which the likes of generic OBD, read from a book type access equipment cannot provide. As such it's no wonder that they have the time to make such flexible Gauge functionality.

    This system is obviously already very advanced and not only surpasses most anything else we, or others, have created as dedicated Diagnostic system for Land Rover Vehicle owners, but also clearly has really huge potential for future additions, improvements and developments in directions and aspects that we will endeavour to achive. I mentioned the CCF, But we are also working on having saved CCF's automatically Synchronised on Genesis.

    Regarding your IAT reading issue, Have you raised this question on the BBS owners Technical support forum? I am sure my guys would be only too happy to check into it for you and as silly as it seems, actually love it if they find some problem to fix.

    MD of Blackbox Solutions Ltd.

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    Thanks Colin. That all makes sense. One of the key reasons I upgraded from the Evo to the VCiQ was the ability to read what the vehicle was doing in real time and log it.... conveniently. I know the Evo can do that, but it's another thing to stick somewhere and that fat cable is a hassle (first world problems). Having it all on my phone is just so so much easier and neater. I haven't raised my IAT reading on the forum as yet. Will do as I've had great support with a few other teething issues there
    '94 D1 3dr Aegean Blue - 300ci stroker RV8, 4HP24 & Compushift, usual bar-work, various APT gear, 235/85 M/Ts, 3deg arms, Detroit lockers, $$$$, etc.
    '08 RRS TDV8 Rimini Red - Compomotives, 285/60 BFGs, Rock sliders, APT full under-protection, Mitch Hitch, Tradesman alloy rack, LLAMS, VCIQ

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