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i scored a win and was able to find my plip bar code tag easily and compare it to My nanocom key screen.

The code you need to enter in the first screen is the 6 digits from the top barcode after the *L. In your case the number should be BEA112.

For programming the plip I followed the nanocom video. Watch closely as itís a bit fiddly. I donít recall seeing or using the suspension bar code Entry screen at the time, but I did mine 5 years ago so I could be wrong. I do recall it took a few goes to get it to hook up

Nanocom video link:


Problem is officially solved! I followed the YouTube video and used code: BEA112. I had no problems programming the plip to the BCU at all. Itís a great feature - now the Ďless talk members of our familyí can access the back better. Iíve got draws so itís harder to reach the fridge, etc.

Thanks for your help everyone