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Thread: Scan tool - has anyone used or reviewed this device

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    Scan tool - has anyone used or reviewed this device

    I have seen an ODB11 scan tool available on AMAZON - a generic scan tool - a plug and play with bluetooth to smart phone display app.

    The documentation says it includes info for Australian vehicles after 2006 which I believe a Disco 3 2005 would 'fit into' with a pinch?

    Youtube shows it seems to do the basics .. for fault code review and clearing .. in case of emergency

    Can anyone comment if it will be of any use or not worth the funds .. its cheap enough ..$100.00 aud

    Youtube review

    BlueDriver Scan Tool | BlueDriver

    Thanks for all input

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    I own several generic OBD-II scan tools. They were as close to useless as a hip pocket on a singlet with the D3. They are also available for tens of dollars on E-bay using generic software on your PC or tablet. Don't waste your $$$.

    There are several suitable tools. All of them considerably more expensive than the unit you are considering.

    Personally I have a Gap IID BT, and it has saved me more than I paid for it in 18 months. But then my D3 is the antichrist.

    Do your homework and ask around. A lot of valuable experience here without the bitter cynicism of mine.

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    I don't know about the D3 But i got one of those scangauge units from the 4WDsuperstore and I have been using it as an instrument to read the ECT, Volts, IAT and MAF on my D2a and it has worked flawlessly for nearly 4 years now.
    It is capable of reading the fault codes But I am not sure about it being able to clear them as I haven't attempted to do this yet.
    For a lousy $80 I am happy with it if only for the temp gauge on it as the stupid factory gauge is totally useless in the D2's.
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    I have 3 of these units. Thats how many it took to get one that worked. Two are brand new that did not work, from the same batch. When they sent me a replacement unit they included an additional refurbished unit, that is the one that works. They did not want the others back.
    If they work they can only report on engine faults. When connected as vehicle type it shows Land Rover unknown. I would not waste my money on it. It has cleared faults on other vehicles.
    Don't waste your money.
    I also have a Nanocomm Evo. Works very well and a iiD BT which is also excellent. I think the iiD tool is the better unit.
    Both do a good job but Gap's policy on changing vehicles and selling the unit is much better. You can buy a second hand iiD BT unit and change it to your vehicle for about $40. Black box want over $120. Also look at the cost if you want to add an additional vehicle or you update
    But most important to me the iiD BT will read and clear faults on any Land Rover not just the vehicle it is locked to. Very handy if the go out with other Land Rovers.

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    Gap IID BT, Icarsoft i930

    Im glad you guys are discussing which one to use
    I just purchased a 2009 D3 Petrol and the previous owner left a ICARSOFT i930 in car, Is this unit any good ?
    I have not used it however I dont want to be caught out and waste time
    It sounds like I'm hearing that the Gap IID BT is a good unit unit to have on board
    Is $700.00 the normal price?



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