IF one was looking for a (very) comfortable touring sedan around the size of a Falcon, what would be the options. I have never driven a Merc or a BM, but both of those are what I am doing homework on. I currently have an EL Ghia with all the bells and whistle and was looking at alternatives.

Personally I am a big fan of large Fords, so I went looking at Fairlanes etc., but SWMBO (and my daughter who drives the car a bit) do not like the seats and driving position at all. My Ghia has the Tickford 6 motor and returns very good economy on trips, typically low 9s.

I think the 3 series BM is too small and I am not sure how the 200 Merc compares in size, so I am after opinions to what to look at and what to avoid. I am not limiting myself to BM or Mercs, but they seem to be more common. I also am not looking at a super late model car as I prefer the 80s/90s shapes generally. As a clue, this 380 Merc and 5 Series BM is along the lines of what I like.

I even like these

Any (constructive ) opinions are welcome.