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Thread: Ineos Grenadier, do you reckon it'll take off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by weeds View Post
    One major problem.....they have an engineer on the team.

    I've known a couple of excellent automotive engineers that worked for car manufacturers.
    Actually both worked for Land Rover and banged their heads against the wall when dealing with Sollihul....

    One was one of the best tig welders I've worked with, and could turn, machine, and fabricate anything.
    He'd also listen.
    Sometimes we wouldn't agree on a design, and as I worked for him it was done his way, but he'd happily pinch my ideas if they worked!
    There was a lot of mutual respect.

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    We have companies like nissan and mitsubishi and kinda land rover saying that designed for offroad isnt a big enough market, but are they factoring in the shrinking of the offerings? Patrol y61....gone, pajero.....probably going or reborn as a rebodied y62, G Wagon....crazy price, 70 series......dinosaur with issues and high price.

    All we need is a dual cab ute defender that has been properly designed for off road. The dual cab market is booming. Why dont they use a cummins engine from factory?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramblingboy42 View Post
    Is this company in cohorts with Land Rover?

    I searched the website and couldn't find a single photo , illustration or composite to show what this vehicle might even look like.

    One assumes its going to look like a 90 , considering they are the only photos I could find.

    Unless my search was too shallow, I have no idea of it's concept.

    If I missed something I'd love someone to proffer a link.

    No, I don't believe so. Rivals. Seems like a vanity project for the Ineos guy, to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoMick View Post
    No, I don't believe so. Rivals. Seems like a vanity project for the Ineos guy, to me.
    Vanity project perhaps, but based on this financial times article they have selected engineering services, are planning to decide engine supplier and manufacturing/assembly location by year end - Subscribe to read | Financial Times - will be interested to see if anything comes of it
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    I doubt that the economics of such a project would ever enable a product that would sell for a price that would attract ordinary mortals like the members of this forum.

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    Yes. Engineering a vehicle to meet design rules round the world, and selling it at a competitive price if made in small numbers seem to me to be mutually exclusive, regardless of whether it is for a niche market such as we are talking about. Remember that manufacturers such as Toyota can use existing parts such as engines, gearboxes and a whole lot of other bits, that are made in far greater numbers than this niche market. They can even decide not to charge market prices for these, but only incremental cost - which certainly is not possible if you are buying in from another manufacturer.

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    The UK has far more lenient rules for small volume car makers, such as Morgan, Caterham and Noble. People wait months or even years to get these cars. They are exempt from many of the rules the big boys have to comply with. So, yes, this may just work. It simply won't become mainstream, as the R&D costs for compliance would be in the Billions. Precisely why LR dropped the Deefer in the first place.

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    I reckon this could be a goer, seems to be a few emails etc floating around since the release of the "new" Defender. Maybe Jim is more confident now, that there is space in the market for a more "utilitarian" type vehicle?

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    Check out the new videos. They are saying all of the right things. Bye bye Land Rover.

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    Indeed, they even have a suspension test mule running around with a ford bolted on top

    What I can tell with the information given the only thing that concerns me is the fact that they will indeed need to meet some regulations, be it ncap sh... or emissions. In the latter department; we're going to get i6 BMW engines, both petrol and diesel and it will have an 8 speed box with both low and high range. I'm willing to bet that that is because of emissions the engines are going to need them.

    Other than that, 3 lockers they seem to suggest as standard, live axles, light weight with a very strong roof for carrying and things like that I've seen/heard mentioned.

    If this thing is anything like the best of defender, japanese and g-wagon rolled in one with a decent price tag, this might be the first NEW car I'll ever buy!

    I have higher hopes for this car then what I had for the new defender before it came out but I am still cautious since an engine without electronics and emissions stuff will ruin it rather quickly seems almost impossible these days.


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