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Thread: What have I done...

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    We had one lwb 4.2 full import for 3 years or so..wife drove it daily to school and back. I drove it fast😎 and was amazed at its go kart like handling with full opposite lock slides...yes we we're very young and carefree back then. 180kph...felt safe enuf🤤

    But needed cash for a sold it to a tech entrepreneur for a big cash profit.

    We still miss it😍


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    And the XJ12 is so much better again . When I was a teenager I remember the Falcon Phase 3 GTHO being touted as the fastest four door production car in the world and it was until about 18 months later when the XJ12 was released which took the crown off the GTHO. Noting that the GTHO was still quicker accelerating as it was lighter and built as a race car with street qualifications to meet homologation rules where the XJ12 was pure limo.

    The XJ12 was even faster than an Etype with the same engine in it due to the better aerodynamics of the XJ12.

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    Just saw on Facebook a 75 XJ6 with a 350 turbo 350 for 4k, engineered as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Homestar View Post
    They arenít actually worth a lot to be honest, they seem to be the entry level as far as classic Jags go - Being a Series 2 built by British Leyland, itís value is somewhat less than what you may think.
    Those Series 2's are starting to go back up in price, particularly a nice unadulterated one like yours.
    The last of the Series 2 XJ6's from 1976 were undoubtedly the best, I am very familiar with them, but have forgotten lots...
    Stay with the original engine as all parts are readily obtainable and inexpensive, and it is a nice engine.
    Its only fault being the coolant surrounding the cyl head studs, thus will eventually corrode if the coolant hasn't been maintained.
    There is a stud behind each block welsh/core plug for access to drill out when the stud snaps...

    About 4 yrs ago I rebuilt my 3.8 Mk2 engine with lots of "E" Type parts for a little over $4k
    It only started getting expensive when I added stainless steel extractors, lightweight flywheel, "D" type cams, etc when I got carried away.
    Not to mention the electric/hydraulic power steering rack, 4 spot alloy brake calipers, triple laced wire wheels etc all from the UK.
    With the 5 speed Celica gearbox it would stay with an E Type up to around 110 mph, tested at a Symmons Plains Jaguar Car Club event day.

    Interestingly, yours being a '77 and depending on what month, it almost certainly had either a) Stromberg carbs with water heated/controlled auto chokes, or b) the SU's but with the diabolical SU auto (exhaust gas) heated choke which worked very well...... but only when it worked, which was not so often.

    Looking at the EGR valve and the fact you mention the pumps are in the tanks, I think yours may have had Strombergs, as my memory can't recall seeing SU's with the EGR but I'll stand corrected as "age" is my enemy here!

    In your car, someone has fitted either early XJ6 Series 1 carbs/manifold with SU auto electric choke to replace the Strombergs, or simply an SU electric choke assembly to replace the SU AED (Automatic Enrichment Device)

    Yours is an excellent conversion and well within the spirit of keeping it original, as the "lazy" people these days just fit a manual choke cable with linkages which work well but a bit of a pain to use. Certainly not in the realm of a fine Jaguar!

    Cherish the car, it is a beauty!

    EDIT: The fuel supply pipe has been bypassed from the air cond hose intercooler for some reason. Might be a good idea to re-connect this to assist with potential fuel evaporation problems.
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    this is a lovely old looking thing ..... I reckon you should go grab it (its shape is way nicer than all of the more modern ones!).
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    there was something about needing the go pedal out of the donor falcon??
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