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Thread: Aircraft pics you've taken

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    Quote Originally Posted by p38arover View Post
    Seems an odd place for a Lockheed Neptune.
    Is that what it was? I remember looking for it on the net. Bloke had a number of odd things in that paddock, but this was the oddest, because I couldn't see how he got it there, let alone how he got it out.

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    there was a few land rovers in the car park at Avalon airshow 2023, should be some good pics from others

    Was not impressed with the camp chair leg shaped and sized dent in the back corner of the Range Rover I found the next day......

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    I didn't get any pics this year at the Airshow as it's the first time in 15 years I haven't been working there. I did attend one of the trade days from an invite I got and overall I was a little disapointed with the hardware on display - not nearly as many big things down at the keyhole as other years - Particularly missed the C-17 not being there to walk through.

    I didn't know this thread even existed - I can post a tonne of good pics from 2019.

    I'll start with the oddest of them all - The B-52 - it's a freak of engineering and close up is amazing - leaks fluids like an old Land Rover - once parked up they put a heap of drip trays under it - fail on a roadworthy for sure... Chatting to the crew they say the airframes will make 100 years old by the time they are retired.

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    If one is ever in Darwin one can have a close look at a B52 in the aircraft museum there.
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    I didn't ever know this thread existed.

    I don't mind going to air shows although most are on during one of my busy Summer so I don't often get the opportunity.

    This one wasn't taken by me but is of me responding to the Craig's Road Fire north of Taralga, NSW yesterday.


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