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Thread: Lion Air

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    .. and what these 'horses' are saying.
    - Today, the most embarrassing reference on your CV; - would be the Boeing excutive(s) who signed off on including this feature... without telling the Pilots and Mechanics...

    ALPA Seeks Clarity On Boeing 737 MAX Automated System Issues | MRO Network

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugh Jars View Post
    Explainer: Unraveling the Boeing 737 MAX Lion Air crash | Reuters

    So Rolly, it looks like it (MCAS) acts through the stab trim. They quote ‘two switches’ to override, I imagine these would be the stab trim cutout switches?

    Wondering whether it would be input to the system similar to the Speed Trim?

    Sorry Hugh,

    I no longer operate the 737 so cannot determine the intricacies of MCAS however it seems logical that it would be an extension of speed trim
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