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There is mention of it at the following, but it is quoting 70 seats:

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October 7, 2019CategoriesFixed wingTags7373 Commentson Flight attendants on an air tanker
Authorities in Australia are considering authorizing a 737 air tanker to carry up to 70 passengers

Flight Attendants
“We are required to have three flight attendants in the airplane due to the number of seats,” said Britt Coulson Vice President of Coulson Aviation. “We are still looking at options of who we are going to use to fulfill those positions.”

Passenger and baggage screening
One other detail that has to be worked out is whether the passengers and baggage are required to be screened by electronic devices or security personnel.

I remember paxing on the 'new' 747-400 from Avalon to Tulla. There was about 50 of us on the plane, but there were paxing pilots manning the doors.
We often ferry without cabin crew, and have to arm/disarm the doors ourselves. We get re-certified yearly with the cabin crew. With fire aircraft doing such ad-hoc work it would be a logistical nightmare to get non-pilots certified on doors. I wonder what the story is in the USA?

Australian screening is a facade to make the public feel safe. Technically, with greater than 50 seats pax need to be screened. However, rules seem to be interpreted to suit the government and the politics of the day. I did a charter recently with 180 pax. They were not required to be screened, and they were coming from Covid hotspots, but no, no quarantine needed in the Fascist State... The flight and cabin crew still had to be security screened and comply with quarantine laws. Go figure...

Oh, It's a blessing in disguise that they don't have coffee machines on the planes. Anyone who's tasted airline coffee will attest to its foul taste