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Thread: Red faces.

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    Red faces.

    That would have been a bit more than a tad embarrassing.

    If you don't like trucks, stop buying stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by V8Ian View Post
    That would have been a bit more than a tad embarrassing.

    Not a darwin award thankfully Ian

    This one broke every rulz he could and proved the theory link

    1. A student may not fly solo with a passenger in the aircraft. That is actually written on the license.
    2. A student pilot may not fly at night without specific endorsement by the instructor.
    3. A student pilot must fly under 'visual flight rules' meaning only during daylight hours and keeping distance from clouds.
    4. A student pilot may not fly on a hazy or foggy day. There must be at least 3 miles of visibility, and some instructors place a more stringent requirement of +6 vis. on student licenses.
    5. A student may only fly solo with an instructor's endorsement for that specific make and model of aircraft.

    Five strikes and your out. Passenger, Night, VFR, clouds and aircraft type 3 strikes is usually enough so 5 is special I guess.

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