Hi Guys ,

I have bought my first Land Rover , Which is a 2002 Freelander Mk1 with the 2.5L V6 Engine as a second car . For towing purposes , in towing my raceboat . Apart from the following issues , itís in great shape with only 150k on the odometer

Bought to months ago , though I have 2 emerging problems that require attention before registration is due in December

1 ) I have recently noticed it has a moderate Gearbox Oil Leak , in wondering if there is any such ď Stop Leak ď Product That I can use to stop the leak ?

2 ) My F1 has a quiet Droning / Vibration Type Of noise eminating from the driveline , with a periodic slight clicking noise .

I have been a Land Rover fan most of my life , though hopefully this emerging concern does not taint my love for the Land Rover Auto Marque

Any advice would be most appreciated

Kind Regards ,

Brad Geyer