The weekend was mostly taken up on car stuff...

First thing that I did was to replace the badly damaged bonnet hinge covers:

Next was to cut the fabric for the headliner, and glue it on.. I did this Saturday - no pics as the glue dried incredibly fast. I had the help of a mate - there was no way that I could have done this on my own. Job done:

Replaced some faulty interior light globes:

All of the interior trim bits where cleaned up (Armor all):

And here it is installed - it's not a good picture, it's a little hard taking the pic:

The head lining has come up a treat - it was very labour intensive (there is a fair bit of trim that has to be removed just to get the head liner out) - it's not a job that I want to do again in a rush, but it's come up a treat.

I also purchased and installed a new battery. I had a crappy old battery that I was using temporarily, but it kept going flat..

Now onto the important mechanical stuff:

Cam Belt, idler pully, tensior pully
Water pump
Oil/Air/Fuel Filter
Oil Change
Coolant Change
Front Disks/Pads
Injector Pump Leak
Rear Prop Shaft
Exhaust Leak