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Thread: off road mods

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    Cheers Garry!

    A dual range constant 4wd F1 would be awesome. That combined with a lift and bigger tyres would bring it on par with true 4wds.

    I do actually need to check and service my IRD and VCU, as ive noticed a slight shudder in the steering wheel when i reverse (left hand down). I've had the oil changed in the IRD a couple of times in the 9 years I've owned it...I'm hoping that has helped.

    I'd love a RRS but cant afford for another few years. That's why I'm thinking of modding my F1 or RR P38. Did you go a diesel or petrol? I've heard that the petrol engines in the RRS are reliable but thirsty. And the diesels are frugal but can have turbo failures which could be a body off job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grey_ghost View Post
    Hey Garry - if you have a spare IRD and rear diff, and itís just sitting there... Well I could help you clean up your garage space! off road mods
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