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Thread: First freelander td4

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    First freelander td4

    Hi everyone
    I got my first freelander last week and so far has been great, coming from a lemon jeep it has been fantastic.
    The model is a 2002 my2003 td4, I have had a look under the bonnet and have not much mechanical knowledge. Alright none I'm a chef, I looked the the bolts holding the engine cover on and one looks really weird. Not sure how I'll get it off, almost looks like a spark plug.
    The other thing is sometimes the gears will feel hard to change into and then will not go in at all, I have found that lifting the clutch every so often seems to stop it from happening.
    When I got it serviced yesterday they said one of the gear shift levers looks like it has been welded at some point, could this be why it is happening?
    Not sure how to add photos to show the weird bolt thing 😁

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    From an ex chef to another welcome, the TD4 should give fairly trouble free service but i think the gear train can cause some headaches.
    Depending on mileage you may be up for a new clutch including a DMF (if they have one ), there are a couple of previous owners of of the FL1 that should be able to provide more knowledge on your issues.
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