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Thread: Turbo Mazda Freelander!

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    Probably realized that he was way over capitalizing on a lemon.
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    Hey guys,

    Sorry to disappear without a whisper for so long, all the conjectures contain some truth.

    I still have the Freeby, but it is still sitting unfinished.

    I got to the point where everything was nearly done, only for an issue with the transfer case to rear it's ugly head. I suspect it was the viscous coupling that has jammed and broken something else in the diff while it was being towed around...

    When that happened, I took stock and realised that over the time I had been working on it, we had outgrown it in terms of camping and were looking to travel more remote than I would be comfortable taking the Freeby.A dual-cab ute seemed a better prospect going forward. After shopping around I settled on a 2000 Rodeo LT Sport with a 2.8 Turbo.

    I still planned to finish it and sell it, but then I got started modifying the Rodeo

    From this:

    To this:

    It's still only halfway to where I want it, but I'ts getting there. We are taking it for 4 months tenting around the country in a couple of years, so I am building it to be self-sufficient for a couple of weeks at a time.

    Anyway, sorry to bore you with pics of a Holden on the Landrover forums, on the off-chance anyone is interested, the full thread is here:My (old) New Rodeo...The build continues - My Isuzu Or Holden 4WD - Australia4WD Forum

    Back to the Freelander...

    It is currently sitting with almost everything done, even the wiring has been sorted, I'm pretty sure the paint is looking worse for wear after a couple of years in the weather. At this point I don't have the time or money to continue (See above for where the money is going ) and it is taking up space at my in-laws.

    I have spent over $3000 getting it to this point, and that was with massive savings on labour.

    Still to be done:
    - Fix or replace gearbox/Transfer
    - Connect intake plumbing - It's all there except for 1 silicone adaptor
    - Connect AC - The compressor and condenser as well as piping are there, just needs re-connecting and gassing.
    - Make coverplates for a couple of places on the bellhousing.
    - Cooling fan still needs sorting, I would reccomend a pair of aftermarket slimline ones as there is not as much room between the engine and the radiator.
    - Service motor and check seals (It has been sitting a while)

    To everyone who has followed this thread, thank you for your support and encouragement and I'm very sorry I disappeared for so long without an explanation, I hope this answers your questions.

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    Please post this in the classifieds section. Selling is not allowed in thus forum.
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    Wow - ablast from the past.

    I was thinking of installing an LT230 CD/L in a tube and using it to replace the VCU - in in fact bought a Lada Niva transfer case to replace the vcu but never got around to developing it.

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    Crikey, it's 'im!!!! Welcome back, on the one hand I am glad you have been so busy with your other project and on the other hand I'm sad that you did not complete the Freebie, seeing as how you spent so much time and money on it.

    Would make an interesting project for somebody with the time and aptitude to finish it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garrycol View Post
    Wow - ablast from the past.

    I was thinking of installing an LT230 CD/L in a tube and using it to replace the VCU - in in fact bought a Lada Niva transfer case to replace the vcu but never got around to developing it.

    IMO - A Haldex unit, which could swap out for the VCU, would be an ideal option.


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    Thumbs up Excelled our friend

    Excelled our friend - Can you put the engine on the status of payment rear Freelander example of this mazda bus engine 2.2

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