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    Self servicing

    Hi guys. Im looking at buying a 2010 freelander for my first car and was wondering if i would be able to service the car myself and if not how expensive it is to service. Also i was wondering if there are any reliability issues with this model. I was looking at the diesel engine because they tend to last longer.

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    I have a 2007 td4. I've had it for 4 years and it has 220000km on it. I self service but I have a hawkeye for dianostics and resetting service reminder. You will also need a fuel priming pump for fuel filter changes. The oil filter is a bugger to replace. I have a spanner cut in half for this but others use a flexible ratchet spanner.
    Besides service items I have rebuilt rear diff, changed turbo controller and throttle body, but it has high km.
    I'm happy with it, still drives beautifully
    It doesn't leak oil, Its sweating power

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    I also have a 2007 TD4 which I have owned for six months and 5000 miles. With the right flexy spanner the oil filter is not too hard to do. You can also prime the fuel filter without te Land Rover tool. I simply used a hand pump siphon to fill the filter from a fresh jerry of Diesel. It's been trouble free, handles well, good offroad and gives great economy. It's a classy car. Many people think it's much newer than it actually is and cost much more that it really did. That's kind of nice. 😊
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