G'day Guys / Gals and the gender fluid,

I just did the wife's hoodlining in her 07 FL2 yesterday and found an issue that you guys might come accross in the future when it's your time to do it.

There's a wiring loom glued to the top of the hoodliner that dosen't have a connector you can unplug!!! I traced it right down the pillar to behind the glovebox where it joins one of the main looms and no plug . (The rear washer squirter hose has a joiner either end, so easily unplugged).

Now I had a few options:
  1. Pull all the glued on loom from the liner (and mabe damage either)
  2. Cut the loom and resolder (that's what I did)
  3. Or cut the loom and add a connector. But there are 11 wires in that loom and the connector plug may too big not fit back behind the A pillar. (or foul the air bag)

Anyway it wasn't a difficult job to do and one of the easyier hoodliners I've done, just be warned about the roof loom.