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Thread: What happened to your Freelander 2 today?

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    What just happened.....?

    So our Land Rover holding has changed.........bye, bye to our D3 and hello to a new (to us) MY15 Freelander 2.

    We have a D4 for our heavy haul needs but wanted another vehicle more in keeping with our 'secondary' needs.
    Living on a small rural property with my frequent need to work away a second vehicle has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Never really thought about a used Freelander until I had a chat to our LR service agent who pointed us in that direction as a possible alternative to the D3.
    We did want to stick with the LR brand if possible.
    We looked at a number of Freelander's. Some were OK and some were.....well.....a little less so.
    After about a month or so of searching across Australian web sites one popped up on a car dealer site in our home state. It looked the goods and as it turned out it had a great service history and low km's. Long story short it's now ours.
    Never having driven a Freelander 2 before both my wife and I were pleasantly surprised by it's comfort and performance.
    Now we need to get to know it a bit and understand how best to look after it so that it provides the longevity and performance we want!
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    The economy on the Freelander is amazing. Good choice.
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