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Thread: gearbox probs?

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    gearbox probs?

    Anybody had any auto gearbox problems? Anybody changed the oil and if so at what ks?
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    I haven't had any problems with the auto but I change the oil every 40000km. It now has 255000km on it
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    Same as Woko, no problems, did 1st change at 90,000 but had to do 2 full drains before oil came out a good colour. Now change at 40000 and drains out clean.

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    FL2 2.2 Auto - gearbox destroyed

    I was not so lucky. I have just spent $$$ towing my FL2 home again. Then more $$$ on basically a ‘new’ gearbox.

    Bought it with 100k mileage. Never conducted my own gearbox oil service, not sure if previous owner did. Gearbox started rough changing between 1st and 2nd when cold. Went on for 2-3 months. Took it in for gearbox oil service. Oil was black. Fresh oil and gearbox felt good, for 3 days. Back again to a different workshop for a ‘better’ flush. More oil used, more comprehensive oil change. Better for 3 days then back to normal.

    Started getting HDC fault messages too. Also skipping between 5th to 4th in acceleration. As if it couldn’t find the gear. Rev up to red line and no engagement. Got used to how to drive this until I could get it looked at. Then I broke down and no gears could be selected at all.

    The whole internals mechanisms of the gearbox has been cooked. Oil black again from over heating. New everything going inside and should be back up and running next week.

    Not sure if an oil change very 40000 would prevent major service. But it would certainly help. 200000km now, with lots of hot climate and heavily laden towing along the way.

    Great car, big disappointment with this gearbox issue.


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