Dear All,

Headlinings are something LR seems to struggle with - I've had trouble with early Discos and now the FL2.

It got so bad on the FL2 that I needed to cut some of the rear headlining away so that I could see out the back.

Pete at Roving knows a trimmer around the corner but it would take days and Roving would need to do the prelim work removing all the interior fittings prior...

Sydney Car Rooflining
Mr Van Trang 0488 008 332 made an appointment to do the job in my driveway, a lovely guy easy to talk to
it took a couple of hours: all fittings removed back to the metal (the curtain airbags are quite a sight) the roof lining card was removed and tidied up, glue sprayed, new fabric applied. It looks as good as new.

$650 plus GST. mobile eftpos no problem.

I just wanted to mention what I thought was a good solution to this specific problem.