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Thread: Newbie Questions

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    Newbie Questions

    Hi, I have a 2008 HSE TD4 January model with 120k KMs on the clock. I have a couple of questions for the collective knowledge masters out there.

    1. the manual has a description for Bluetooth operation with the phone buttons on the media console and the steering wheel, however there is no menu for configuring any Bluetooth pairing function. The fuse is okay.
    2. replace Bluetooth in question 1 with AM radio or DAB radio, same issue. Fuses are all sound. Any ideas?

    Have I bought an early release that was “Fitted for but not with” or has there been a failure of a component that I need to know about. I don’t have heated seats, but the manual references them too, so I am leaning towards former, a GFC cost cutting exercise perhaps?

    Thanks for any guidance.

    I am enjoying the ride, plenty of power, height and economy for a medium SUV.

    Cheers, Ric (with a Silent P)

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    Hi, Can't help with Bluetooth problem, but you're right about the manual LR seem to change specs on the run, and with lots of different markets. So what's in the manual may not corrispond with what is in your car. We are on our second FL2 and both manuals gave a lot more information than we had in our cars.

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