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Thread: Freelander 2 petrol performance issue

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    Freelander 2 petrol performance issue

    Hi Forum

    I've just joined to hopefully get some help with this issue. After a service it can run like a perfectly new car. Takes off well on acceleration. But a day later it's much more sluggish. You need to push it or have it drop a gear to get any good acceleration.

    Here is an overview I just sent to my mechanic:

    About this engine dilemma I have.

    The procedure:
    For the service I disconnected the battery and charged it overnight.
    I put an engine flush through the engine before the oil change
    Had Lube Mobile do an oil change with Penrite C2 0w-30
    I put fuel system cleaner in the fuel tank just before driving down and filling up with 30 Litres.

    Immediately after the service I left my driveway and the acceleration was as if I just drove away in a new car. I'm just accelerating like I normally do but the idle is perfect, there is no noise (similar to a slight misfire), and as soon as i touched the pedal the car shot forward almost instantly.

    I fill up with petrol and drive into town (19km) then drive around town all day then back home (50km driving day 1)
    Driving into town the day of the service, the car almost drove itself down the road, I barely had to touch the accelerator. it was literally like driving a brand new car.

    Day 2:
    I drive into town to see a friend (15km trip), the car is still driving absolutely perfectly, I barely touch the accelerator for it to cruise down the road and the idle is still perfect.

    Then, After having it parked in my friends driveway. I drive it back home and that perfect feel has gone. I get to a roundabout and I can feel that lag when I accelerate (As if I need to push the to accelerate where as before it felt like it really just wanted to go by itself)

    I get back home and that perfect idle is gone. It sounds like a very slight misfire again and its idling about 700rpm slightly rough and not the perfect 600ish rpm post service.

    Its really bugging me as after you serviced it, it did the same thing, It ran almost immaculately on the drive home. then a day later its slightly rough and the acceleration has lost that crispness.
    This is what happened again this service.

    I went through it and I disconnected the batter thinking maybe it resets the ECU.
    No change.
    I added some more fuel system cleaner (Penrite) thinking maybe this improved that crisp acceleration
    No change

    If I had the money I would do another oil change to see if that is what that imrpovement is for at least a day after the service.

    Its bugging me, because when it is running perfect, It literally feels like a brand new car. So I feel like it has potential to stay in that state, but that crispness is only lasting a day after service before something changes and it starts to hesitate on acceleration.

    I'm just thinking what if it is an ECU setting or a sensor that is triggering the car to lower performance on purpose?

    I was standing next to the car the day of the service and it was beautifully perfect, sitting at around 600rpm and really quiet.
    Day 2, and its back to around 700rpm and has that slight tick and roughness to it.

    Has anyone encountered this problem with their petrol freelander 2 (MY2011)?

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    Is it still a problem?

    I read your comments and am left wondering about you spending time, effort and some $$ on your 'problem' when I reckon it would be something that I would take to a good LR independent that has the kit/ tools and equipment to interrogate the vehicle? Just sayin!

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