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Thread: What Freelander to purchase?

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    What Freelander to purchase?

    First time on this side of the forum.
    Usually over on the Defender forum. Owning a 96 Tdi 130 Defender .
    I'm looking for a new car to drive the 70minutes on the freeway to work.

    Was thinking a Freelander, what model engine type is the best to get?
    I live in the country, so can you get a decent steel bullbar for a Freelander? To protect from wandering roos?
    Are they reliable? What to look for?

    Appreciate any help. From the Freelander faithful.

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    Well it would have to be a Freelander 2 with any engine in any spec I think you'd be happy with.

    We have a 07 TD4 SE and it's been great for the last 6 years of ownership and has 235,000km on it now. If I were to go back I'd would have picked the petrol 6 engine in HSE trim as we mainly use the car around town and the Diesel is a bit unrefined at idle. The HSE for the memory seats as my wife likes to sit right up on the steering wheel and I like it a lot further back and it takes a count of 5 for the seat to go back and another count of 5 to go down to where I like it.

    As far as bull bars go get something that protects that bloody Roo's head from going through the grill. I hit a roo a few years back and 90% of the damage was done by its head going through the grill and taking out the A/C condenser, Radiator and the fans.
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    Thanks FisherX for the information.
    How thirsty are the petrol engines?
    As it is freeway both ways to work. It might not be to bad.

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    The diesel would be great for long HW drives. IMHO the last of the FL2 (MY15) was an excellent value vehicle. I really like the interior and great cargo space.
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