Hi new to the site. Had heaps of great info off here. I've been the proud owner of 3 Freelanders. 2 X td4 and one L series. I've recently retrofitted a Becker Sat Nav to my 2006 TD4 with the Harmon Kardon Amp , interface module and Genuine harness link for the td4 (YMQ0001530) from Land Rover. It all works fine except the back lighting on the buttons is really dim . I'm just wondering if this is the norm and if anyone has one I can compare with. The illumination or screen doesn't change when the lights are activated from the stalk. The screen is fine but the lights are barely visible at night against the HVAC light and top row etc. The original 2 din that came out of the car ( Vistron I think) had matching backlights and we're activated when the vehicle lights where turned on. The set up is all original land rover harness ,module etc so should be same as factory. And the td4 Faclefted FL1 has no dimmer. There is also no option to brighten the head unit backlighting in the menu. Any ideas much appreciated Dan.