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Thread: Duck Creek Rd

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    Duck Creek Rd

    Just a bit of info. I had a day last weekend and we went up to O'Rielleys via Duck Creek Rd. I know there has been a lot of chatter about it possibly being closed.
    I can certainly understand why.
    Heavily rutted washouts since I was last up there. The property owners have had to erect fences to prevent people going up side tracks, they have also had to place big boulders in large mud holes to prevent people trying to drive through them. Certainly would have cost a lot, let alone the time.
    There is a big sign on gate telling people it is not a 4x4 park and stick to main track. Pretty simple you would think but on our drive up we still saw some P platers going off a side track that wasn't closed off.
    Im sure if this continues they will certainly close it to the public. This would be an absolute shame as the scenery is beautiful. Lets hope people do the right thing and just stay on the main track.

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    It is a shame. I thought some sections were technically still private road. If so it could be closed. I haven't been there for a while but it's a nice drive.
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    It doesn't help when some groups Facebook a trip and abuse the track, this is a track funded by donations at the gate at the bottom of the road, the Kerry end, but some cockheads think it is their right to drive the side tracks and have no regard for the land owners.
    Sure, I have also driven the side tracks years ago and more recently in my series, but I respect the road and the maintainers of it.
    Please also do this yourselves.
    I have noticed new development at the bottom, and a new gate on the way up, and also that the road is really poor uphill from that gate.
    And that damage is most likely from fwd abuse, as can be seen by the tracks around this area.
    It's no use complaining that they close something that you abused so much that they cannot afford to maintain it because of your abuse of it.
    You must understand that most of duck creek road is private property .
    They need it for their own use, but it's maintenance is propped up by the donations
    So, we abuse and lose.
    Safe Travels

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    As per usual, the ****heads of the world have ruined it for everyone else why aren't I surprised

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