Hi all,

Sad news, the old 96? Disco 300TDI is going to the graveyard. The gearbox will not engage, could be a simple bearing but I expect it will be more. Due to her age and the fact that the wife hates the old girl, she needs to go.

Some of the main organs

Full length steel roof rack
ARB air diff lockers (front and rear)
Heavy Duty front axles and CV joints (sorry can't remember the brand, got them from the USA)
Rock sliders (DRanged special, there for a D2 but suit an D1)
Tow points front (another special from this forum)

Road tires x5 (4 are about 80% good and the spare is unused) on steel rims (will require 4 replacements of any standard)
MT Tires x5 265/65R16 (4 are Maxxis Bighorn 764 have done about 2000k on Land Rover rims) the spare is an Bighorn 762 is unused but 9 years old

Any parts wanted just email or call me