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Thread: Boigans are alive and well.

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    Boigans are alive and well.

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    Not sure if itís just me, but I actually thought it was a pretty good use of a winch. No one got hurt while up a ladder trying to dismantle the roof!
    "Land Rover - making mechanics out of everyday motorists for nearly 70 years"

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    Yes, we had been up there ripping off rafters and iron and it was getting pretty wobbly, so it seemed a good idea to unbolt the posts, cut the cross bracing and fall it. Much easier to cut up on the ground. Plus it was fun to use the winch again and confirm it was working.
    So now next winter's firewood is sorted.
    The excavator arrives next week to prepare the site for the double garage, carport and store/work area which are going in there. Ranbuild is about to manufacture the kit. Should be in before Christmas. Good stuff!

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