There are some photos and video footage on our club Facebook page. Sorry but I didn't take any this trip.

It was a lovely weekend with a great group of people. People seemed to arrive at all times of the day and night. We ended up just driving as 1 group as numbers were down a little due a few people being unable to make it at the last minute. Not many recoveries were needed. I was the first as I didn't want to further bend panels on the same tree root as last year, plus the tyre had let out a considerable amount of air and was down to 6psi from 18psi when I checked it back at camp.

The only other recovery/winching was TimJ in the series trying to get up Rosemarys late Sunday afternoon. Thank goodness for Grimaces winch and Tims very long winch extension strap. The track has changed considerably and the rain Saturday evening just added some extra slipperiness to it. Reversing down wasn't an option as we couldn't get him past one of the trees. Plus there was no guarantee if we got him past that one that he wouldn't slide back into the one he hit on the way up. You need speed to get over the hump but then immediately let off otherwise the track slides you straight into the tree stump.

I was looking at the tree with a few marks, then noticed the broken indicator lenses and wondered how you would hit that - then Tim showed me - oops. Only hit the bullbar,

I made it up after several goes and dropping the tyres down to 14psi. They did let out quite a bit of smoke. Maybe I need to run them at this pressure when offroad as they are very stiff - no idea if this would have helped at Havoc crossing.

The weather wasn't as bad as they were predicting although there was some rain but nothing like previous years.

We started out with the creek run, with some doing just the beginning and others the full run. Grimace then thought he'd have a got at a decent mud hole - he made it but the track went nowhere. See the video on the fb page. Then onto track 4 for a little bit of slip and slide before proceeding round to the play area. Simon wanted to head back to camp after track 4 but Grimace advised that the other way was a nice scenic route, so he came with us.

Unfortunately he had an airbag issue in the P38 in the play area, which ended his 4wding/driving for the weekend and had to arrange a tow truck to get his car back to Brisbane. We must thank Navron for his assistance in taking the family and dogs home.

There was a short drive in the afternoon with Dave being directed through the full length of the creek run, then onto the lookout. James somehow missed the turn and didn't see the lake so had the slightly different route to get to the lookout, but he made it.

Sunday morning we went for an explore through the area on the other side of the road before heading back to camp for some to pack and head home.

Tim, Grimace and myself went out for a Sunday afternoon drive, we did part Bullant but missed the hardest part as another group had popped a bead in the bottom and then had 2 more cars to get through. Onto Track 4 in reverse, Tim discovered how not to enter the track and the turnaround point. Back to camp to collect Tim (Fry) before heading over to Rosemarys.

An excellent weekend, good fires and great weather for night driving to get there and home