The weekend of the 12th-14th a small group ventured up to Landcruiser Mountain Park for a bit of 4wding. Grimace has posted some photos and videos up on the Facebook page with a bit of a report but I thought I would put a link to my photos here. There were just three of us made it up there, Grimace, Guy and myself, which does make it a little bit easier to get through a fair few tracks as there is not quite so much guiding and making sure people get through things. Grimace or course was in Fluffy, Guy had his Range Rover and I had the Series 3 tray back Ute known as Henry. Only two very minor pulls with the snatch strap on the whole weekend, one for Guy and one for me but as far as I am aware no photos exist of either one so they never actually happened . It was a great weekend as usual, some fairly hard tracks completed and a good fire and camp. LCMP is a fairly large park and there are quite a few steep climbs as well as the creek runs. we decided to have a fairly relaxed time and didn't drive as much as we could have but what we did was good value. I have just loaded a stack of photos to an album and if anyone wants to go and have a look the link is here - GCLRO LCMP 2017 album | TimJ |, photo and video sharing made easy..