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Thread: Queen Mary Falls/Condamine River

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    Queen Mary Falls/Condamine River

    we met at Beaudesert Macca's again,
    Grimace had a diff problem at Canungra on the way out, so he and family hopped in with Jason and Leslie.
    We left in convoy, oldest car first, as it should be, and went off on our way with Ian leading the way and steering us on a merry drive to Kilcoy via the river road, then up the hill to the park at the top.
    I thought it was great to have 3 series vehicles puddling along in line, with the mighty Range Rover of with Rob and Di next in line.
    Jason and the Parra's following.
    I hope I got them all?
    I, had a couple of moments, where the thing refused to proceed! Bah Humbug!
    It seems that we do not like water, and spat it at the slightest drop, then twice it failed in the middle of the river.
    (second time was definatly my fault, as I gave it a charge to see if it would get through with a bit of steam on.... no, )
    I thank a;; for coming along and making this a fun day, I an and Scott for driving us around the dirt back blocks (you should have seen how much dirt was in my oil bath aircleaner!)
    Grimace for cheering on my fan club, Rob for filming that!
    Hopefully someone will pop up and post some pictures from this trip.

    Safe Travels

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    Condamine River Rd

    A bit slow I know but we are talking series Land rovers, Condamine River Rd last March, hopefully I've done this right and you can view on a larger scale.Queen Mary Falls/Condamine River-img_20180318_114139-copy.jpgQueen Mary Falls/Condamine River-img_20180318_114200-copy.jpgQueen Mary Falls/Condamine River-img_20180318_105919-copy.jpgQueen Mary Falls/Condamine River-img_20180318_105625-copy.jpgQueen Mary Falls/Condamine River-img_20180318_105316-copy.jpgQueen Mary Falls/Condamine River-img_20180318_104541-copy.jpgQueen Mary Falls/Condamine River-img_20180318_102125-copy.jpgQueen Mary Falls/Condamine River-img_20180318_102120-copy.jpg

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