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Thread: Stirring people up in the meat section

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    When I was a kid I was forced to eat tripe in white sauce, pumpkin, transistorised cabbages, turnips, parsnips and soup. I still have soup as a starter but have never had the other once I was old enough to determine what I would eat and not eat.

    When I was 5, I was with one set of grandparents (the ones who wanted to feed me castor oil ) and they were going to give me pumkin soup for lunch - I did not like this and ran away to go to my other Scotish grandparents who lived nearby to get a decent feed. I can still remember seeing my 60 grandfather chasing me down the dirt road trying to catch me without much luck.

    Everything I was forced to eat as a child that I did not like, I have never eaten as an adult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbjorn View Post
    That would be a long time ago, old fella. You can still remember?
    Oi! I'm not that old.
    Ron B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by p38arover View Post
    Oi! I'm not that old.
    No bloke is, while they can still draw breath.
    Isn't that a bit pot/kettle, Brian?
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