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Thread: Show us your ...........DOG

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    Apr 2014
    Blair Athol, Adelaide South Aust.
    I remember meeting Wes at Melrose. The first one I went to. He met Snoopy. They had a good sniff. Condolences Gav.
    Cheers, Rod

    1967 Series 2a. 109 4 cyl petrol, Fairey o/drive, Athol Hedges roof.
    Currently undergoing rebuild.
    Will have-- soft top, 4 wheel disc brakes, salisbury rear diff, military colour, 12 pin nato socket, dual pintle hitch....

    1975 Series 3. 109 6cyl 186, 5 speed Nissan cabstar gearbox, mechanical winch, roo bar, kings awning, 50" light bar, roof rack, twin 6"light bars, kings awning tent.

    1969 NO. 5 trailer. ARN 176 464. soft top.

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    North Central Victoria
    Harry dog. Heeler lab cross. Turns 11 this year.

    Still misses his sister (had our old greyhound put down last year due to health conditions). But just the best dog ever.
    "Dolores" my '97 model 300tdi D1 and "Donkey" my '20 RE Himalayan.

    Previous: 00 D2, '04 110 wagon, '96 D1 and '95 110 ute, plenty of other bikes and cars too :angel:

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarry View Post
    Ours is 12 next year and getting slower and slower,although ducks on the dam still stir her interest

    Two weeks ago,tumour on the skin under her belly taken off,16 stitches,$1K,but all worth it.

    I just love them such wonderful companions,had them all my life,but as they say,one day they will create a very sad day,but that is just a part of owning any type of pet.

    Been there a few times.

    Have to think of the good times and move on.
    We had a Rhodesian Ridgeback like that, hated water but was keen enough to go into a dam to chase ducks.
    2005 D3 TDV6 Present
    1999 D2 TD5 Gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by RANDLOVER View Post
    We had a Rhodesian Ridgeback like that, hated water but was keen enough to go into a dam to chase ducks.
    Those ducks are bloody smart,well they are around here,one adult will attract the dogs attention,while the other adult(they are usually in pairs)will get the ducklings away and hide them.

    Yesterday there were some ducklings in long grass a long way from the dam,the dog new they were there somewhere,but she never found them,as one adult would land about 2M in front of her,act like it was disabled,or hurt,attract the attention of the dog,then fly very low,keeping about 2M in front of the dog,off across the paddock.
    Then once the dog gets to the end of the paddock,she stops and trots back to where it all started,and the Duck does it again.
    This happened about 4 times,good exercise for the dog.

    Another thing i notice with ours is she will always work up wind,with Quail as well.
    I havent taught her anything with the hunting,it just comes naturally.

    D2,D2,D2a,D4,'09 Defender 110(sons), all moved on.

    '56 S1,been in the family since...'56
    Comes out of hibernation every few months for a run

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