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Thread: Revised Swearing Rules For Forum ... Please Read.

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    I am glad to see this change. I got a warning a while back for swear dodging and I honestly had done no such thing I just typed random symbols to show annoyance at something that had happened just like in comics we all read as kids which is why I brought up the topic in a recent thread when the filtering was obvious. Kids know probably more swear words than we do but we dont want to encourage it. If your drop a hammer on your toe @#$$%$#@!@@@!! is just an expletive, but a number of asterixis with ing is a not nice word IMO that any kid over 10 will understand and probably younger (apologies for even this example).
    Love this forum and this is a good change, common sense. I dont want swearing here or swear dodging either I dont think any of the members do.
    Keep up the good work mods

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orkney 90 View Post
    Wow, I cannot believe that I have just read through five pages of swear protocols. For me personally, it's not rocket science. I just don't type anything that could be thought of as swearing.

    Even though I can swear with the best of them... I started my working life as an apprentice in the Railway Workshops. Not much happened there to do with trains that didn't begin and end in a swear word or fifty.

    For me, different situations call for different attitudes. Typing on a public forum is very different to being in a work environment and I have adapted accordingly. Having written all this, I will probably get pinged down the line for something else, like criticising the government of the day that closed down our railway workshops...
    Nope Orkney you won't get pinged for criticising the government, your post will eventually just get moved to the closed Current Affairs section where politics, religion and anything that is likely to get out of shape ends up. ...

    ... by the way would you like to join CA? ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerryO View Post

    ... by the way would you like to join CA? ...
    Speaking of which, it's been a while since I've visited CA. Time to re-acquaint myself...

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    Ah good. It works.
    Cheers, Billy.
    Keeping it simple is complicated.

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    This isn't a general discussion thread, can you please refrain from posting general comments in here please.

    The title says 'please READ' not prattle on and clog up an information thread.

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    What is a Swear Filter Dodge?

    A Swear Filter Dodge is:
    The use of symbols, numbers or a combination, to disguise any word or phrase.
    The use of unnecessary spaces to trick the filter.
    Misspelling a word to trick the filter.

    Words that the Auto-censor allow are not exempt from SF dodges.

    L@nd R$ver.
    La nd Ro ver.
    Lund River.
    Are all infractable.
    Genuine typos will not be infracted.
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