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Thread: conspiracy theories

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4bee View Post

    Dentist some time later confirmed my suspicion, that dissimilar metals was generating a current. His only question was about handles, wood with lots of exposed contact-metal.

    Electronics Tech (friend) once told about a guy he worked with in the Yankee navy, could occasionally feel an odd pulsing sensation, when working up the Sharp End. Not unpleasant, just "diffERAnt. Never knew or worried, but one day happened to look up at the main radar dish......

    So Yes, 'They' are among us !!!

    CRIPES! I'd better watch out James. Overlooking here is the Main Aircraft Tracking Radar for Ad. Int & all AC that go to Perth & elsewhere these days. If there wasn't a tree in the way I could actually see it but I have wondered why my ears felt like they were burning at odd times & thought it was indoors talking about me to a girlfriend.

    Hers not mine, I don't think she knows about mine. Yet. Maybe she does, because I thought the Instant tasted a bit weird this a.m.

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    Wow, looking for bamboo paper in old ballots? conspiracy theoriesconspiracy theories
    Some have been partaking of a little KoolAid methinks. conspiracy theories

    Arizona'''s Republican-run election audit is looking for bamboo-laced "China ballots."

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