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Thread: Big storm and no power in SA

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    evilBay has (still?) a nice little 2.5kW petrol-powered sine wave inverter on their 'Special Deal' listing... something you Crow-eaters should have bought 2 weeks ago...

    I fuelled & tested our HONDA 5kW genny last week, which means 'nothing' is going to happen over here.... till the petrol goes rotten.

    Our news reports has SA being black 'till later tomorrow morning, at the earliest. - Some of our Emergency/Electrical crews are on the way over to you as we speak, er, type.

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    We got that weather yesterday,I was up in Perth for the day.Rained all the way up and all the way home.Some nasty stuff in the city.
    Mick Marsh is always saying send it over here.
    Becarefull what you wish for
    A cold dark nite in the motel tonite Mick
    Midlife Crisis.Im going to get stuck into mine early and ENJOY it.
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    V8 powered house!

    Well it's been fun tonight, phones, TV and internet are flickering in and out but our house is warm and well lit. I spent this afternoon rigging up an old lawnmower motor and car alternator to keep the house backup battery charged, but the carby's stuffed. So I wheeled up the ol V8 RRute and ran jumper leads to the house battery. It'll run for a couple of hours to top up the battery for the night. The missus made dinner on the gas stove while I looked after the leccy toys.

    Oh and Homestar they rely entirely on renewables and the Vic/SA interconnecter.
    is BS because the State still has enough gas generation to run the system without any help, so long as a 1 in 50 year storm doesn't knock out critical infrastructure at Port Augusta.

    SA weather: Power 'gradually' returning after blackout plunged state into darkness - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    The system is slowly coming back on line, I expect to wake up at some stage when various downstairs lights come on, because the the 2 way switches aren't all marked...

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    Was half way through cooking a roast...bugger..had to finish it in the bbq, eat by candlelight and do dishes by Kero-Hurricane lantern....power just came back on, yay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gordie View Post
    Was half way through cooking a roast...bugger..had to finish it in the bbq, eat by candlelight and do dishes by Kero-Hurricane lantern....power just came back on, yay.
    Not in blair athol yet. Bugger. I got my inverter set up with cpap machine. I wonder how long the battery will go for? Spose ill find out if the lights dont come back on

    Cheers Rod

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    Cheers, Rod

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    The power just came back on here, the workshop lit up like a Christmas tree.

    I hope yours is back on soon, Rod. Adelaide looks normally lit up from up the slopes of Mt Lofty.

    Edit: the damage to the electricity system:

    22 towers destroyed at last count, more wind coming tomorrow morning, early.

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    Still darkness here. Charged the phone in the camper and cooked on the BBQ.
    Ate dinner whilst watching a movie on the MBP

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    If you had a real phone it wouldn't need charging every 12 hrs Big storm and no power in SA .
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    Iím pretty sure the dinosaurs died out when they stopped gathering food and started having meetings to discuss gathering food

    A bookshop is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking

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    While this is quite serious in SA , I recall last time the connector went down and there were blackouts the SA Government paid hundreds in compensation to those who had an AFAIR 8 hour blackout.

    I can only assume this was deflect criticism of the effects of their green policy.
    I doubt if they could afford such a policy this time.

    Just FYI last April we had a BIG East Coast low off the Central Coast of NSW and we had no power for 4.5 DAYS at Avoca Beach, with no compensation as it was an act of God. We also had no mobiles as the towers were all knocked out for days.
    A house in our street was crushed by a falling gum tree and written off.

    As in the poem
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