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Thread: Electric Lawmowers

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    I have an 80Volt Victa Lawnmower , bought on special from Bunnings 12 months ago, about $740

    Came with 2 batteries & charger. Hands down the best & most powerful Lawnmower Ive ever had.
    One battery does our whole yard, front & back with some over, takes about 45m to charge. Equiv to about a half a tank of petrol.

    So Impressed I bought a whipper snipper to take same battery & next will be a chainsaw .

    Best thing ever , no more stinking 2 stroke !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LandyAndy View Post
    The only issue with a 240V mower is you are leaving yourself open to electrocution.
    If you damage the lead and handle it whilst it is live you may get zapped.I have a good friend who survived a blast from a dodgy lead.It had been damaged,still plugged into the wall and had been raining.He was lucky he still is alive,has almost no use of his left hand due to horrific burns caused by the lead,he could not let it go,fortunately the bloke he was working with realised what was happening and unplugged the lead.
    Any time I see somebody with a power cord I tell them the story.
    I have never handled a live cord since.
    This would have had to be before RCD safety switches were invented. That sort of thing is basically impossible now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bee utey View Post
    This would have had to be before RCD safety switches were invented. That sort of thing is basically impossible now.
    It was on a farm,no RCD fitted at the time.
    Midlife Crisis.Im going to get stuck into mine early and ENJOY it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cuppabillytea View Post
    I've got a puny 240 V one, but only 45 M2 of Lawn. I can't find a good excuse to get rid of it.
    I do that much with a hand mower, no motors required. Does the whole lot on two beers.
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    I have about 6 square meters of lawn. I use an electric mower. The mower itself is good, however it is a pain with the cord. If I was going electric I would want battery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart02 View Post
    I do that much with a hand mower, no motors required. Does the whole lot on two beers.
    I had a Hand pusher but the previous owner of our house left the electric one behind. The pusher did a better job by far but mine was no where near as economical as yours.
    Cheers, Billy.
    Keeping it simple is complicated.

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    recently got an e go battery mower really happy with it, especially very quite to use
    EGO Power+ - Power Beyond Belief

    husquvarna do a battery ride on, be interesting to see how that performs

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    Well the time came - my trusty old cheap Chinese mower finally gave out after 8 years of use and complete lack of maintenance. It was about 6 weeks ago and I needed to run it over the lawns and it just wouldn't start - never had an issue with it before so gave it a once over and it has no spark. Further investigation shown the magneto coil is open circuit. Now I could have spent $30 and fixed it but I promised myself when it needed parts I'd lash out and get a battery operated lawn mower - so that's what I did.

    Bought the Ryobi 36 volt unit as I have the 36 volt chainsaw which has been great and I could buy the skin only and save a few dollars.

    I've used it twice now and it's early the wrong time of year to give the best assessment of its capabilities but I am very happy with it. Handles clumped wet grass with ease and the catcher works very well - even with wet grass. It ramps the revs up when you run into a thick patch so it isn't using any more power than it needs at any given time. It's about half the weight of the old mower too so really easy to move around and change directions etc. Cuts up to edges better than the old unit too. Fold up to be very compact and I'm even thinking of putting a bracket on the wall of the potting shed to hang it on - well, you know - because you can with something like this. Catcher is also very easy to get on and off.

    Also have found I cut the lawns differently now as well - I can stop to move stuff as I go rather than clear the whole lawn first because it it so easy to start when you grab it again and I find I do other little jobs around the yard at the same time so a much more enjoyable task overall.

    Only con I can see so far is its all plastic construction so not sure how long it will last but given the nature of my yard - quite small at around 20 x 10 metres, I'm hopeful of getting quite a few years out of it.

    I had to wait 4 weeks for it to arrive so the grass was quite thick by the time I went to cut it the first time, so I stuck it on it's highest setting thinking it may struggle or chew through the battery. Within a few rounds I'd dropped it to where I wanted it as it simply doesn't struggle and after running back over the bit I'd started on and finished everything else the battery was at half capacity. This gives me hope I'll be able to mow the backyard on one charge even come Spring time - but I'll know more then and will report back.

    Link to the unit I bought - 36V 46cm Brushless Lawn Mower

    There is a 12Ah battery you can buy for this if needed and if I ever need a new battery I might go this way but they aren't cheap (much more than the mower itself) but will see how I go with the 4Ah battery I have now.

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    Ha, my neighbour has a cheap ride on mower with a cactus circuit board. No one can fix it. Was only eyeing it off the other day to grab cheap as, and convert it to electric...

    I've got a near new ICE ride on mower, but one always needs a new project hey! Electric LawmowersElectric Lawmowers

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    Years ago I had a 240V Flymo. It hovered on a cushion of air, so was not directional, and I tended to use it with a semi circular sweeping motion cutting swathes in front of me. Not much good on anything but a short, formal lawn. Give it a bit of hard work and the thermal cutout would trigger.
    Sounds like the DC motor on your Ryobi does a much better job.
    The only redeaming feature of the Flymo was that the Mrs would use it.

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