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Thread: Electric Lawmowers

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    Quote Originally Posted by LandyAndy View Post
    The only issue with a 240V mower is you are leaving yourself open to electrocution.
    That has triggered some memories. I had a 240V Sunbeam lawn mower. It was light, easy to use and did its job without any hassles. I did run over the lead a couple of times but it wasn't a drama. Just turn the power off, repair the lead and on with the job.

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    Good choice. Electric lawn mowers are impressive.
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    Had to buy a new mower about 18 months ago and decided that electric was the way to go. 2 strokes are banned in UK and my experience is that 4 stroke mowers are close relatives of the devil.

    Bought a cheap Chinese brand one. Construction I think been done by someone who used to work for Leyland. It is all there but the standard of the build is at best OK. When you look around it things like washers are bent not flat, the soft foam on the handles is already falling off, starts first time sometimes. The control cables are just a fraction too short so have to take care when folding the mower handle

    When charging the battery charger screams like a banshie. You do not want to be in the room with it. Took the first one back as thought it had a problem the replacement is the same.

    It was though bought for the price so not complaining. Cheapest I could find that the figures suggested could cut my grass in one go. Also as a bonus it is green in colour so could give it to the wife as it is her national colour. Always good to bring home the occasional unexpected surprise present

    Has two 24 volt 4ah batteries which can cut my back yard on one charge if the grass is not too long and is dry. If damp or long will need to recharge the batteries. Yard is larger than a tennis court

    Has a catcher or chute for side discharge of grass cuttings. If the grass is dry do not need a catcher as it will mulch the grass back into the lawn as you go which works so long as you keep the underside of the mower deck clean. A build up of grass sticking to the the deck is soon apparent in the grass left behind

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjc_td5 View Post
    Ha, my neighbour has a cheap ride on mower with a cactus circuit board. No one can fix it. Was only eyeing it off the other day to grab cheap as, and convert it to electric...

    I've got a near new ICE ride on mower, but one always needs a new project hey! Electric LawmowersElectric Lawmowers
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