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Thread: Who else donates....whole blood, plasma or platelets

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeeJay View Post
    I used to give blood in the 70's but had real probs with the needles at the time, some times I couldn't straighten my arm.
    Started again about 7 years ago after a friends dying wish. Then after a few years had ankle surgery involving a minor bone graft & now have been "excommunicated" from being a donor after ticking the questionnaire box.
    Very annoying, I would think the technology would be there to check if my blood or plasma is acceptable.
    A bit the same with Cancer. I never did find out whether it was the Ca or the medication I was on that barred me & I had been a donor for donkey's years.

    Opinions varied from this one to that one so still none the wiser.

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    Back at it…….was on the not allowed to donate list for 4 weeks.

    Very quite today…….apparently when it rains they get a heap of cancelations

    I also learnt today that when one donates clinical products it’s very important to ring in if one feels unwell Who else donates....whole blood, plasma or platelets in the following days as the product goes straight to a hospital but it doesn’t go to waste as it gets transferred to where all the other products go to be pulled apart.

    The other good news is Arnott’s Jatz are back….I wasn’t a fan of the other brand….

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