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Thread: Proud of our Lad.

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    Proud of our Lad.

    One of our boys has just finished his first week ever of Work Experience.
    He did it with the local Councils Parks & Yards crew.
    The supervisor made a special trip out to tell us how well he went. Worked really hard, cheerful, helpful, didn't take his full breaks but got back into it.
    He was also the only kid that turned up every day & he was always on time when the others were over an hour late on the days they did come in.

    Doesn't sound special but he was born with all sorts of intellectual problems from FAS. Also speech & hearing difficulties. Because of this we (SWMBO anyway) have probably been over protective. Now I have a lot more confidence in him.

    And to top it off he really enjoyed the whole week & we are having trouble telling him he can't do it again next week.

    Yep, I'm proud of him!

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    Good read, thanks. Sounds like he understands the value of good work ethics. Good boss to go the extra mile & give you such good feedback.
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    Isn't "Good News" just that.
    Congratulations to your boy and his boss.

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    Always good to read a story like this. Congrats to your boy and the boss for going that bit extra and letting you know.

    well done to his parents for letting him get out and have a go with his intellectual problems, you have obviously raised him well.

    Cheers Ean

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    Good to hear some good news for a change instead of all the doom and gloom we get these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonesfam View Post

    Doesn't sound special
    Yes it does, it sounds really special.

    I work in a big firm and I was giving career advice at my son's school the other day. One of the kids asked how to stand out to recruiters and also when in a firm, and I described what I look for in a junior lawyer - basically: work hard, stay until the job's done and be proactive. In other words, the qualities your son was displaying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bob10 View Post
    Situation normal. Vlad tepes opens mouth before engaging brain.

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    Sounds like a decent boss! Hopefully the bean counters don't privatise or outsource the job...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gumnut View Post
    Sounds like a decent boss! Hopefully the bean counters don't privatise or outsource the job...
    Sounds like decent parenting.
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    That's something I like about our local Bunnings here in WA. They've obviously got a policy of employing youngsters with disabilities and they are enthusiastic about what they do.
    Give them a bit of leeway and they are happy to help unlike some of the others who disappear as soon as a customer gets too close.
    Best wishes to him and you as his parents.

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