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Thread: Which method makes the best coffee?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoMick View Post
    You too. Definitely. Maybe a Sat morning open invitation early in the New Year?
    I'll be in it too , been a while since I saw you Hodgo , Mick, I don't mind making the border crossing into Logan.

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    Definitely. I'm on holiday this week so my time is flexible until Friday, when I head to Lismore for a weekend Christmas party. Any takers for coffee at Simply Beanz mid-week?
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    Youse guys is hilarious!..

    My daily swill.

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    Which method makes the best coffee?

    Iíve just moved to grinding beans for every plunger coffee. Someone recommended I buy beans from Killer Coffee. Buying coffee from a coffee shop is a bit disappointing now.

    I bought a Porlex hand grinder, on an AULRO recommendation.

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    Grinding your own beans makes a massive difference. ...They don't have to be expensive beans to be decent either.

    Many coffee snobs will disagree with me, but if you can't afford $50 kilo or roast them yourself, the best bargain beans I've found are, believe it or not, Coles brand!

    Coles Coffee Beans.jpg
    Most importantly these Coles beans are Fairtrade. They are also 100% Arabica and Roasted in Australia.

    They are a pretty good dark roast, rich, full and reliable IME. They are not nuanced, interesting or super high quality and freshness depends a little on the batch - but you can tell if you squeeze the pack and give the breather on the bag a sniff before you buy.

    Sniff test: If they smell sweet and fresh buy them ...when they've been on the shelves too long they start to smell sour. Even if you check a few bags you will begin to tell the difference between them.

    As I say, they're not as good as you'll get from a local professional roaster, but they are affordable.

    No matter which beans you use, Ideally you do need a burr grinder, rather than one of those spice grinders which actually don't grind, but chop the beans. All brews will be much better if the coffee is properly ground. You can't make good espresso or get a good crema on a machine unless you get the grind just right either.
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