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Thread: Dogs in national parks

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    Re shooting cats in a cage .....use rat shot , does the job humanely & no damage to the cage .

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoMick View Post
    I once met a bloke who made hats out of wild cats he killed and sold them at markets, so the cat was the hat. He sold a lot of cat hats.
    There was a bloke called Adam O'Neill who gave Dr John Walmsley the cat hat he wore to the tourist awards. I was extremely sympathetic to their reserve which kept foxes and feral cats out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LRJim View Post
    You cant shoot them in the suburbs, but council offer traps for you to catch and take them into the pound.
    Can sure as hell shoot them on a farm though Dogs in national parks
    From domestic animals act vic
    That law is a old long standing law

    Used this to my advantage years ago with the police present due to a neighbours 2 dogs mauling our sheep`s snout on a property i was on out west .
    The neighbour was a weirdo so no lost sleep but the dogs were never a issue again
    cheers chris

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    Otway national park, first time at Lake Elizabeth.

    Big mofo dog staying in the RRC, in shade, going on the walk down to the lake to maybe see a platypus.

    I catch and release them as part of work, but the girl I was with had never seen one in the pelt. You get the idea............................

    200m ish from the carpark is a sign saying dogs on leash ok on the walk. Can't be stuffed going back to get Fido.

    Check it it out on the net, still the go. I really don't know why. Maybe someone local with a bit of influence liked walking his pit bulls there or something.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Eevo View Post
    maybe its just SA then.
    The SA book on the states NPs and Desert Parks are very clear...... NO DOGS
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    Dogs in parks - National Parks South Australia

    Dogs are welcome in some of SA's national parks but not all.
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