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Thread: Increased Road Rage?

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    How inconsiderate you were to be interrupting her in the middle of an SMS in the middle of a main road, Phillip.

    It is all about the me, me, me attitude these days.

    I reckon cars these days should be fitted with a "normal" horn sound level & a 1/3rd level. Even giving some people a slight courteous toot seems to give them an excuse to be aggro without leaning on the horn button.

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    Increased Road Rage?

    Quote Originally Posted by hardus77 View Post
    Hello everyone,

    So I bought my first RR a few months ago. I always wanted one and I love her. However, I have noticed a sharp increase in the number of people honking at me, flipping me off, etc. Iím a pretty chill driver and never have had so many ****ed off people around me in me life. Just today I had a lady lay on her horn behind me at a red light the very second the light turned green. It was a long angry honk. The light had literally just changed and even the car in the next lane had yet to respond.
    Anyway, Iím not stressing about other people being assholes. But I am curious if others have noticed this same thing when they drive their Rovers, or is it just my imagination?

    Thank you!
    my issue has been solved!!

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