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Thread: Should have driven My Disco! HighSpeed motorbike crash

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    You lucky, lucky come out of it the way you have. Sounds like you are a fit bloke which probably helped you a lot.

    Best of luck with the recovery.

    PS I bet the boss has sold what remains of the bike for scrap and has vetoed any future plans for a new one!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Homestar View Post
    ‘Tis done thanks to an Admin. 👍
    I get by with some help with my freinds

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    Quote Originally Posted by cripesamighty View Post
    Well, no more Lotto tickets for you my son. You just used up a lifetime's worth of luck in one accident! Holy crap, that would have been scary as hell as it unfolded. Glad you are on the slow mend and hopefully recovery is as close to 100% as possible. Good luck the convalescing and treatment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arapiles View Post
    Good luck with the recovery.

    Can I ask what you were wearing? Did it work?
    No problem. Naughty me did not have the bike pants on for the very short ride. Added a few scratches but doubt the pants would have saved any thing else.

    Leather Jacket Sans 1986 Sydney from my first bike. Only been on the deck twice before. It saved a lot of my upper body from scraping while sliding. Same for the boots.

    Full face helmet which is a very good fit. I think this possibly helped to no brain shake

    Jacket survived - the nice paramedics got it off my broken body aware I was worried about them cutting it off. A little leather repair and it will ride again. Boots are fine. Jocks, pants and everything under the jacket was cut off me by Doctors or the paramedics

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoMick View Post
    Fortunate no brain injury.
    we cant be sure of that
    Quote Originally Posted by DazzaTD5 View Post
    Its a land Rover Defender... you need a real mechanic

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    I went through a similar ordeal 4 years ago so I can feel your pain.
    The rehab can be painful and frustrating But stick with it as those milestones and kicking goals are a real Buzz to achieve.
    I wish you the Best with your recovery Mate
    You only get one shot at life, Aim well

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    I had a mate killed in similar circumstances back in the 80s on a GPZ900R. He accelerated hard away from a set of lights and a car further up the street pulled out. Drivers don't expect the bike to appear so quickly.

    Good luck with the recovery, I've still got 6-12 months before my left arm is fairly functional, hopefully I can get enough movement out of my wrist and elbow to ride again.
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    Wow ,you certainly are very lucky to still be here . Best of luck for a speedy and full recovery .

    Bikes were never my thing , lost a close friend many moons ago when he hit a cow on his bike riding from Darwin to Perth.

    Cheers Ean

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    My commiserations for your plight. I have been close a few times on the bike, but nothing I didn't ride away from.
    Worst one was a large dog at urban speed.
    The only hospitalisation was from a front wheel jamming on the push bike at full speed.
    Take it as easy as you can but work hard with the physio.

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    Glad you've come through it ok.

    Its one of my greatest concerns when on the bike...

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