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Thread: Grumpy old buggers thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saitch View Post
    Aaaarrggh! Earworm for a song I intensely dislike.

    Curse you, Winsock!
    You too huh! the earworm that is, except I like it and that has been the problem, again and again and again ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonesfam View Post
    I'm so GRUMPY that I will have to post my Grumpiness in 2 post!
    My first cause of Grumpiness is getting dressed up.
    Last Friday was our eldest Foster Sons year 12 Graduation. This was held in Cloncurry & somehow SWMBO managed to volunteer me to go with him.
    What's the problem, you may think? Well, I don't own any long pants. Yes I do own a pair of jeans which are several years old & nearly cut me in 2 when I do them up but nothing you would call "Nice". Second I only own & wear polo shirts or T-shirts which are all well worn & "Comfortable".
    So, a SWMBO mandated trip to Mt Isa to buy pants & shirt. Apparently, somehow, I have put on a little weight (which I had NOT noticed) so to get pants that fit around the middle they were way long & I bought a medium **** which I have been wearing for years.
    So, I get home to dress Wilfred & he looks a million bucks in his well fitting black pants, nicely fitting bright patterned shirt, flash tie & new shoes.
    Me - not so good, pants folded up inside & look odd, shirt plain white & tight not to mention long sleeved & track shoes I use for work. SWMBO could not convince me to wear a tie!
    Just to top of things it is 40 odd degrees & I'm just feeling totally uncomfortable.
    Anyway, I did my duty & took Wilfred to his graduation which was, despite my discomfort a great night & he had a great time.
    My Grump is that you should not be expect to dress up & be something/someone you are not.
    I have 2 more Graduations over the next 2 years, I either get better prepared for them or its shorts, work boots & a daggy polo shirt.
    PS Wilfred had a great time, thanked me & went to an after party which he got home from early AM the next day decidedly seedy but happy.

    I reckon RM would have been quite pleased with his clobber but not so much yours although I would have given his shoes a miss & replaced those with some High heeled tan elastic sided jobs.

    Dressing up is not necessarily being something you ain't but out of respect for the lad when he is with his mates & peers.

    Now that event is over you will have time to have the Daks altered to fit properly. Or lose some weight.

    Just sayin'.

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